Thursday, August 9, 2012

Something To Celebrate

I celebrated this morning with some buckwheat banana pancakes!


Whoa wait back up!  What am I celebrating you ask?  My new job!  Not just a job, but a career job! Yesterday I was offered the position of Health and Fitness Coordinator at a local university!  I am beyond excited to begin my new journey, but am saddened to leave my clients/members/friends at the gym where I currently work.

I haven't made any mention of this new position for a number of reason...

1. It happened extremely quickly!  They found out they needed a new coordinator last Monday, I sent my resume last Tuesday, given an interview this Tuesday and got the offer yesterday.  Yes, that is fast!  Since it was such a short timeline and the school year is starting up here soon, I am considered an emergency hire and will have to reapply next year.  Pressures on!

2. It is my first career job, not just an hourly paid job, so I plan to keep it off of the blog, except for maybe sharing a few highlights.

3. I have been actively looking for a number of months now, and I didn't want to officially announce it until I knew I had something secured for sure.

I will be starting up right away this up coming about being thrown in the fire!  Wish me luck :)


My #FoodiePenPals package arrived, a little late, but better late than never right?!  Anyway, I hated the thought of not sharing what I got, so I had to share!

The total package
Amy sent me a number of things I have never been sent in a #FoodiePenPals package, so I was super happy about that!  Some of the things I have tried before, but most of those things were favorites of mine.


Check out the super cute card she sent in the package!  I don't think Amy knew, but macaroni and cheese is my favorite (stemming back from my childhood) food!  I try not to eat it often, because it's not the greatest thing, but it is my favorite and making it buffalo can only make it better! The Kodiak Cakes are supposed to be really good, so I can't wait to try those.


J was really excited to see the Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars in the package.  Gnocchi is delish!  I know exactly how I'm going to use them to, I'll be sure to share when the time comes :)  I love Justin's line of nut butters and they'll be perfect for lunch packing with my new job.  Ahh, those fruit leathers you see... they're gone. That took all of one day!

Thank you so much for my package Amy!  Most of it has already been put to use and the rest of it I can't wait to get at!


Fitness So Far

Monday: 5 miles in 47:23

Tuesday: Cross Fit workout

Wednesday: 6.3 miles in 1:04:24
4 x 800 (Yasso) w/equal rest time walking

Thursday: 3 miles in 26:19 + lift this afternoon

Friday: Lift + stretching/yoga

Saturday: Leinenkugel Pure Water Days Half Marathon + 2 miles = 15 mile long run
I won't be trying to PR, I'm just using it as part of my long run. This race was super cheap, only $30 and I just signed up last week!

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