Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Check In

My February goal of keeping a food journal has been going very well so far! I think I have missed only one day. The weekends are the hardest,  which in sure it is for most keeping a food journal.  I've thrown some pictures of my journal that one of my staff members volunteered to make for's awesome! 

In other news I started at FitElite, the CrossFit box here! I'm just going though the essentials right now,  but I'm very excited for something new and challenging. ..and hopefully I'll meet some new people along the way! More on this later!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A new month a new goal

Had a fun weekend of playing with my niece and nephew!

January is over and I successfully accomplished my goal for the month! I kept an accurate, up to date fitness journal! Having this journal made me really see how much I have been neglecting running in these cold months. In fact this morning I had great intentions to go running, I even made it out the door, but the 5 degree weather and a wind chill of -15 degrees made that decision the joke of the day. I made it 20 minutes out there and couldn't feel a thing when I got inside.

On to my February goal...keep a daily food journal! People who know me have asked why I am doing this, I don't necessarily need to lose weight, but it is really more in preparation for marathon season this summer. After my first marathon this past October I realized I took my diet and nutrition a little too lightly. I need to fuel it properly if I expect it to run 26.2 in a respectable manner! One of my staff members offered to put a notebook together for me, so I supplied her with a fun cover and colorful paper, it should be done tomorrow! It is nothing fancy, but it will be a fun colored book, which will make journaling more fun right? I'll be sure to post a picture when I get the final product.

PS this is my first post from my phone so not sure how these pictures will show up in the post. We are still on the hunt for a computer, we had an HP with the newest Windows, but it was way to complicated to use, so we returned it. Any suggestions?