Saturday, October 1, 2011

September in Review

WOW! Really?!  September is over!  Yikes, time has really been flying these last few months!  Here is a little Wealth is Health September recap :)

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My Big 2-5

Around 9 this morning I headed out for a 10 mile run, longest of my half marathon training to date, however, 10 turned into 9 when my knee started hurting a little and my legs started stiffening up.  Right around the 6.5 mile mark my knee started hurting just a hair, so I took a couple walk breaks from mile 6.5 to the end (you can tell by my splits).  I'm not a huge fan of taking walking breaks during my runs, but if I need them I need them.  Today I maybe took one or two that I didn't actually need, but I am pretty good about making my breaks very short, aka 1 block tops.  I tried to run in places around town where I knew I would run into hills to help train myself for the hilly half coming up in a couple weeks.

I have cut most of my long runs by a mile of two compared to what is on my training plan, but I'm not too worried about that because for my first marathon my longest run before the race was only 8 miles and I only did that once.  I have run a lot more longer runs during this training plan compared to last time I trained.

Distance: 9.30 miles
Total Time: 1:29:56
Calories: 1169

Before I ran out the door today I threw on both my Garmin and my Nike+ so that I could compare the two. Turns out my Garmin is a little on the faster side and my Nike+ is a little on the slower side. To be honest, not sure which one was closer to the real deal, I ran a lot on the trails and those don't show up very well on the


Every year this week is a big week for my family...

Sept. 29 --> My birthday
Sept. 30 --> My brother's birthday
Oct. 1 --> Parents' anniversary
Oct. 2 --> Uncle's birthday (he passed away about five years ago, but it added to the craziness)

Happy anniversary Mom & Dad!


Off to enjoy an exciting weekend in Wisconsin sports.... Brewers tournament game (win!), Badgers vs. Nebraska, and Packers vs. Denver


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents (yesterday :) ) looks like you had a great month!


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