Friday, May 25, 2012

The Best $50 I Ever Spent

5 miles - Treadmill intervals
5:00 WUP

1st round            2nd round
5:00 @ 6.0          5:00 @ 6.5
4:00 @ 6.5          4:00 @ 7.0
3:00 @ 7.0          3:00 @ 7.5
2:00 @ 8.0          2:00 @ 8.2
1:00 @ 9.0           1:00 @ 9.2

1 mile cool down
In between my intervals I did 1:00 of an exercise -- ie; plank, plyometric push ups, wall ball, etc. 


I had great hopes for my workouts this week, but I ended up really struggling with allergies/cold.  I'm really not sure which one it was, because this is the first time I've ever had issues with allergies, regardless it was really hard to breath and my eyes itched like it was nobody's business!  With the pollen count really high this year, I have heard a lot of people say they are experiencing allergies symptoms and they normally don't!  Are you one of these people? 

So Tuesday and Wednesday I did some lifting and biking, nothing to note, but I wanted to get some physical activity in.  Both days were roughly 40 minutes of activity.  Something is always better than nothing in my opinion! 


Today as I was walking in to my apartment when I saw someone in my hallway struggling with their furniture (they were moving out), so I asked if they needed help.  He declined, but we started talking and I realized that these two had been my neighbors the past 5 months and I had never met them... sad.  They are moving to California and so they couldn't take all their furniture and asked if I would like anything.  

The current condition of my living room
Futon Frame, cushion is currently on the ground

J and I have been searching for a new futon for a while, so I said I'd take that.  Then they asked if I'd like their coffee table, lamp and recliner... umm... sure!  I'm super excited about the coffee table since we've been living with a coffee table that has a broken leg for a couple months now, not sure if we're lazy or just determined to make our current one work.  I couldn't believe that everything they were willing to give me was something that we have been talking about needing!  I asked them what they wanted for it all and they said nothing just take it, but I insisted they take something, so I offered them $50.  All new furniture- in pretty darn good shape - for just $50!! I'm so excited!  You know what I'll be working on this afternoon as soon as J gets home from work  :-) 

Other than revamping our apartment, I don't have any definite plans, yet tons of possible plans for the rest of the weekend.  Funny how that can work sometimes! 

TGIF!  What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?


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