Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adios Wisconsin!

This week has been nutzo!  I spent the weekend at my uncles cabin....

OJ's first time kayaking


Then spent all day yesterday running errands and trying to clean up the house yesterday...

Totally unrelated, but I love it :)

This came in the mail!  So stoked! I love it... thank you Sarah and Chike! I will gladly take free Chike off of anyone else's hands out there!

...and today I worked and am trying to do all the little things I need to do before we head off on our road trip tomorrow!

Gulfport, Mississippi here we come!

Fitness Plan

Even though we're going on vacation this week, my workouts are still very important to me.  However, I am not going to stress out about whether or not I squeeze a workout in or not while away.  

Monday: 4 miles 

Tuesday: 4-6 miles + lift

Bench press
Shoulder press
EZ curls
Skull crushers

(heavy weights)

Wednesday: Crossfit workout + 4-6 miles

Thursday: Run 

 Friday: Swim with dolphins!!!!!!

Saturday: Tabata

Sunday: ?


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