Thursday, July 26, 2012

No One Ever Wants To...

No one ever wants to have to do this...

Yes that is three bags of food. No, it is not going to be put away in my refrigerator.  It is all going into the trash can :(   When we came home Tuesday we found out that our refrigerator stopped working!  Luckily it is the apartment's and not outs, so we didn't have to pay out of pocket to get a new one, but we did have to pay out of pocket to restock the refrigerator.  Thankfully I tried to use as much of the food in there as possible before we left, so it wasn't totally full, but there was at least $150 worth of meat, veggies, fruit and condiments in there.  The worst part...the took me about a year to build up a good solid arsenal of condiments.  Now I'm back to square one and will be making a lot of special trips to the store I'm sure, I guess I'll have to do a better job of planning!  On a positive note though, they were very quick about getting us a new refrigerator.  


As noted in my fitness plan I lifted and will be playing basketball tonight.  My lift consisted of the following: 

After my run yesterday, I decided it would be best to go all arms so I could run in my game tonight and do a long run this weekend.  

What was your workout today? 
Have you ever had refrigerator mayhem?


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