Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singing Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long

Although I am more of a country fan, I can definitely still appreciate meeting anyone with as much musical talent as Kid Rock's drummer Stefanie Eulinberg!

On our way back to our apartment tonight we drove past a hotel/restaurant (Holiday Inn - Green Mill) and saw 5 big charter buses sitting in the hotel lot.  My man instantly knew it was one of the bands playing at Rock Fest this weekend just outside of Eau Claire.  He loves Kid Rock and so he was super happy to get to meet her!  Unfortunately Kid Rock was not eating with her in the restaurant when we stopped in to have some dessert.  Stefanie was a very genuinely, nice lady!  Don't mind my outfit... I came straight from my basketball games and looked like the rainbow tonight.  

Remember how I told you I was super excited for my breakfast this morning?! Well, my creation did not disappoint! 

So what were those secret ingredients? Fat-free chocolate pudding and hazelnut coffee creamer!  The hazelnut creamer is the real kicker of the meal! I think that may begin to take place of regular milk occasionally in my over night oats! May even be a decent alternative for my smoothies when I run out of milk.     Ahh the possibilities are endless! What is your favorite secret breakfast ingredient? 

Other eats are a delicious peach, a veggies sub from Erbs and Gerbs (I tried the new Cally... Mac approved), a cheese burger and sweet potato fries, left over lasagna and a couple of brewskis post-basketball game... We have to re-fuel ourselves ;)  This may become a weekly occurrence after our games to grab a bite to eat and shoot the breeze.... I'm alright with that :)

2 basketball games 

Strength Training:
Bag squats on a tire 2 x 10 
Kayak 2 x 10 each side

Quick Six (2 x 10)- overhead press, biceps curl, chest fly, bench press, row, pullovers... all are done with DB on a SB as a circuit 

Box jumps 3 x 7 

Any interesting or fun workouts today?


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