Friday, July 1, 2011

Mission: Simply Water

June in Review
In case you are new or missed a few post, here are some fun things that happened in June!

Currently hosting a Gotein giveaway!
Ran my first 10K
Tried/bought chia seeds for the first time ever!
Took my dad to a Twins game
Posted recipes for bruschetta, hot Alfredo pasta, spinach artichoke dip
Finished my first complete text book ever
Worked State Track 
Experienced a National Running Day miracle
Started using Stevia

This is how hot it was out this morning at 7:30 am...

PhotobucketI'm not even going to say, "eww gross', I take pride in that, plus it felt disgustingly good.  This is day 2 of sweating profusely during my workout! It's been Mississippi hot lately!  This morning when I left for my run at 7:30 it was 84 degrees already!  Last night at my two basketball games it was 85 degrees outside, Lord only knows what it was inside that gym... 90?! 95?! I don't really know, but it was sticky, slimy, dripping sweat wet!  There's nothing like a little summer basketball.  We won't always play in the gym we played at last night.  The gym we normally play in (has air conditioning) is getting the floors redone.  Next week we should be in the air, hallelujah!  Anyway, over the past two workouts I have lost 4 pounds and I know that was not "fat weight" lost, it was water weight lost.  So today begins Mission: Simply Water.

Recognize that bottle? It's a Simply Orange bottle, perfect for putting water in and storing in the refrigerator so it is ice cold at your beckon call!  One bottle can hold 56 fluid ounces of water... my mission, drink two of these a day!  I am usually pretty good about drinking water pretty frequently and carrying a water bottle everywhere I go, but with the weather finally warming up I need to drink more than I have been.  Anyone else want to take the challenge with me?!  This weekend will be a tough one to focus on getting two of them down since I have a wedding tomorrow and I'm sure the weekend will consist of its fair share of drinking to celebrate the 4th of July weekend.  BUT, I am going to do my best to stick to my challenge.... So far today I am 1 jug in! I guess that's not too hard to do when it's 95 degrees out though!

After doing some work on my project for my summer class, I took a little break and met my girl friend Carrie at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and a beer.

I got my usual suspect, the Southwest Queso Chicken Wrap.  It's never even a question when I go there what I am going to get.  It never fails me!  Now it's back at the project.  I am hoping I can finish it or get pretty darn close to being finished before my boyfriend arrives tonight.

The rest of my weekend will look a little something like this..

  • Wedding 
  • Best friend coming to town from Valpo
  • River Fest downtown
  • Grilling out with friends for the 4th
  • FIREWORKS... one of my favorite things about the 4th :)
  • Packing
What are you doing for the 4th?

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!  I'm off to break down and turn the AC on, I suppose 95 degrees justifies that right? ;)


  1. I take pride in being all sweaty too! Hey, it says "i did work today!" haha.

    I am so up for the challenge, now I just need to find a bottle big enough! Drinking enough water is something that I struggle with too, so I'm with you on the challenge :)

    Sounds like your fourth weekend is filled with lots of fun things! I am going with the boyfriend to visit his family, not AS fun, but still should be pretty good. Hope you have a great 4th babe :)

  2. Haha, I love a good sweaty workout. I am not always great about drinking water, especially when I am not at work (ie, sitting at a desk with a bottle right next to me all day). I love the simply orange bottle idea! I hope you had a great fourth! We had a cookout with friends and then watched the fireworks in DC. It was great:)

  3. @Em Hope your 4th was awesome! Glad you're on board with me for Mission: Simply Water :)

  4. @Erin @ UntilYouTri Fireworks in DC sound awesome! Is there show bigger and better than most? Hope your 4th was awesome!


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