Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Secret Ingredient

For those of you who remember I took on a challenge, Mission: Simply Water, at the beginning of the month.  So far I have been doing pretty well.  I don't always necessarily drink two full bottles, just because I am running around more often, but I drink one full one at home and fill my own regular sized water bottle up a number of times throughout the day.  Even though I am eyeballing it, I think it is pretty close to two full sized bottles. Mission accomplished... now I just need to keep it up!  How are you doing on the challenge if you took it on?

On another note, I am extremely excited for breakfast tomorrow!  I added something new to my overnight oats and I think it's going to be great!  I am not going to reveal my secret ingredient until tomorrow though... hopefully it tastes as great as I am anticipating  :)

2 mile run- 19 minutes

Mini circuit #1 (2x)
Kettle bell swings -->20#/10x
Plank --> 1 min
Versa (like climbing a mountain) --> 1 min
Plate mountain climbers --> 30

Mini circuit #2 (2x)
Whippers (w/rope) --> 30 sec
SB heel taps --> 10 each leg

I can tell with my lifting more frequently that my legs aren't quite used to running like they used to be.  I am hoping over the next couple of weeks that they will get used to lifting and running together more often, because I love both so much and it's hard not to lift more with my internship.  Any tips on how to adjust to maintaining your running mileage while upping your strength training?

Off to bed, I have a client tomorrow morning for my internship at 6 bells sharp! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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