Monday, February 6, 2012

Food, Food, FOOD: February Grub Club + Super Bowl

There were two big eating events in my life this family Grub Club and the Super Bowl!  Here are some pictures from both events (I will re-post when I get the recipes from Grub Club)...

Sweet-Walnut Brussels Sprouts

Asparagus Wraps 

Chicken Chili 

Chia Jam (Power Cakes style)

"Bruschetta" Bread Spread

Beer Cheese Soup in Pretzel Bowls

Quinoa Clusters

Pistachio Dark Chocolate 

All of these recipes were a hit at Grub Club!  I especially liked the soups and quinoa clusters, so I'll be sure to share those with you when my family members post them.  

Random assortment of chips & dips


Fruit plate

No we didn't have any kids at the Super Bowl party, but oh yes I did make a Hawaiian fruit plate! I found this cute idea on Pinterest and it was so ridiculously easy! If you don't follow me on Pinterest do it here!

Fitness Plan
Monday: Run w/Brita
Tuesday: Lift + 30 min cardio
Wednesday: Run 
Thursday: Lift + 30 min cardio
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run + cardio
Sunday: Rest 

Brita and I haven't scheduled all of our running dates, so this may change a little.  This past Saturday we set out for a run and ended up running 9 miles!  Who am I?!  This isn't a big deal for her, because she's like a little puppy dog- unlimited energy and just happy to be out running- but I haven't run that long in quite some time!  Whenever we set out we never really know how far we're going to go, but I'm training for a half marathon (that I haven't officially signed up for yet) and she's training for a marathon.  Since I got a nice long run in, I finally reached 20 miles for my weekly total, which I've been aiming for for a long time...yay me!

What is your workout plan for the week? 
Any great Super Bowl recipes that I should be checking out?

Happy Monday!

****Note:  Just a clarification the Handful giveaway that I mentioned in my last post is a giveaway being done by the Handful company, don't worry though I will be having one of my own on this blog soon!!


  1. I have a tough workout week :) Running 8 miles today, 60 minutes on Wednesday and 10 miles on Sunday! I also have yoga, full body workouts and a few spot training workouts in the mix.

    Bring it :)

    Congrats on the running 20mi in 1 week!

    1. Thanks 20 miles has been a long time coming! It sounds like you have a pretty good week ahead of you as well... Go get 'em! I really need to start bringing yoga back into my life a little bit more!

  2. those asparagus wraps looks delicious! and that fruit plate is adorable :)

    1. The wraps were yummy, I would've liked a little more flavor in them. They are super easy to make though, that's one recipe I could tell you off hand....

      Spread cream cheese on Pillsbury crescent rolls and sprinkle with chili powder, place asparagus on roll and wrap it up. Cook at 375 for 10-12 minutes.


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