Monday, February 13, 2012

A Grammy Shout Out

Since my running partner was sick last week my fitness plan was all out of whack.  It was still an alright week and I made 19 miles for my weekly total, but I took days off that I don't normally take.  Here is this weeks plan...

Monday: Lift + 30 min cardio
Tuesday: Run 4-6 miles
Wednesday: Run 6-8 miles + Lift?
Thursday: Lift + 30 min cadio
Friday: Run 3-5 miles + Lift?
Saturday: Run 5-7 miles
Sunday: Off

I don't normally do long runs in the middle of the week, but I don't work that much Wednesday since I asked for most of the day off for my 3 year anniversary with my man... I originally thought our anniversary fell on a Sunday (I looked at January instead of the February calendar), so I wanted to make sure I had the whole day off.  I figure while he's at work I'll get a good workout in.

Did you watch the Grammy's last night?  If you did you might have noticed Bon Iver, a small alternative band led by Justin Vernon (an Eau Claire native), won two Grammy awards!  The town of Eau Claire could never be more pleased and proud of Justin and the band, especially since he gave us a shout out on national television!

If you have never heard their music before, here is one of their songs.  The singing isn't the part that won them the Grammy, it is the intricate collection of instruments and sounds they mix together in their music.

Like? Hate? Or indifferent?


Yesterday at work we held an event called MOlympics.  This event was similar to Cross Fit Games, challenging individuals and teams to do events as quickly as possible.  It was really a great event and was incredibly entertaining to watch.  Although I don't have any pictures to share with you on the event since I was too busy working it, I will share the events with you because when combined they make for a pretty darn good workout! 

MB Toss (toss MB over 10 ft high bar 20x, let ball drop each time for safety, ball weighs 10% your BW)
Spider Wall (climbing wall that you scale vertically)
SB Lock Out (hold a plan with hands on ball, feet on a 20 inch box, 3:00 max)
Rope Climb 
Push Press (as many as you can in 1:00, with 1/3 your weight)
Water Rower (50 meters as fast as you can)
Farmer's Walk (carry 1/2 your weight 80 yards)
Tread Wall (climb 200 ft on a moving climbing wall)
Tire Flip (flip 10 times as fast as possible)
Sled Push Suicide (use 40 yards total, push sled with 1/2 your BW on it 10 yd and sprint back to the beginning touch end line and then run back to where you left the sled, push 10 more yds run back to the beginning touch line and sprint back to the sled, repeat this until you have pushed the sled 4, ten yard increments, on the last one push the sled all the way back to the beginning (40 yards))

Take whatever rest you need to in between events, because you are going all out during these events!


  1. so happy about bon iver and getting a shout out! so awesome!

    1. Yeah it was pretty neat! I know there's mixed feelings about them winning, but I'm happy for them.


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