Thursday, February 23, 2012


When I was a sophomore in high school I gave up soda for lent. That was my best lent ever, I was able to do it without cheating, not even on the weekends, which Grandma says don't count in lent (I'll take it!).  To this day I don't really drink soda, unless it is a mixed drink.

I don't use lent as a way to re install my new years resolutions that I have failed on, I use to improve myself mind, body and spirit and to remind myself that self control is an important virtue.  This being said I have a few things that I am working on this lent, in hopes I can make them more permanent habits like I did with soda.

1. Food Journal Daily
Okay this sounds like a new years resolution, but if you knew how I have been eating lately you would know that I have absolutely no self control.  As part of this I will be limiting myself to one sweet a day.  Again sounds like a new years resolution, but as I said before I have just been on a rage... sweets at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time... no joke. I will be using Ever Note, it's not really meant for this type of thing, but you can create notebooks in it and use it for whatever you choose.  Since I'm obsessed with my new Kindle Fire, I think it'll work out.  Self control is the focus of this item.

Ever Note

2. Daily Reflection
I will be using a combination of these three tools for daily reflection...

Holy Bible App

Daily Verse App

Old fashioned paperback Bible
I'm really not a huge fan of the idea of an online Bible, but sometimes convenience wins.  

It is on my Bucket List to read the entire Bible before I die, so I found this read the Bible in a year plan (I probably won't actually do it in a year) that I am going to print off and check passages off as I read them.  This could take me a few years, but that is okay I want to use this time to start that journey.  

3. Swearing
I'm not really sure why I swear, I never used to be a big swearer, but I find myself swearing at the silliest things.  I'm not judging anyone who swears, because in all honesty it's not the end of the world, but since I'm around my niece and nephew so much I want to stop using that type of language, who knows when a slip might happen!  Another great reason to do it is because, as Grandma says (man she has a lot of wisdom!), "People who swear have a limited vocabulary".  

I hope everyone has a blessed lent season!


  1. Um .. go to my blog and you *may* see some of the same things!

    I have such big issues with self-control, and I totally agree it is an important virtue.

    And I'm trying to read at least one chapter of the Bible every day {the notion of showing self-control over lent came from reading the first chapter - the story and Adam and Eve}

    Love the daily verse app! I have to get that! Oh and have you ever heard of Wide Awake? It's a great book for daily reflection! I'm trying to read a little of that each night as well!

    1. You weren't kidding lol! I even went to a Catholic grade/high school too! The daily verse app is free so be sure to check it out! I haven't heard of Wide Awake, I'll have to look onto it though.

  2. I have an issue with self control too with the exception of when Lent is on. I too like you have given up swearing for lent. I seem to be saying Jesus way too much. Don't know how this habit started but it needs to go for sure.

    But I do have to say that this Lent I have broken all of my restriction already. I decided that I would not eat carbs and I have eaten rice, bread and pizzas already within the first week. I have sworn at the first sign of annoyance or distress and I haven't given up the thing that would really mean a big sacrifice, watching less TV.

    I'm hoping that I can a change of it all next week and be more focused.

    1. Swearing has been tough for me, I hate that somewhere along the road it became a habit for me.

      I've found that it helps to reflect on the real reason you have given things up when you have a set back, it helps you remember why you're doing it rather than just doing it to do it. Good luck!


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