Monday, July 30, 2012

Do The Olympics Inspire Anyone Else To Workout?

Despite the challenge to pull myself away from the TV, watching the Olympics inspires me to get my butt out there and train!  These athletes are truly amazing and so motivational!

Awkward angle that makes my upper body look enormous
My niece and nephew were so excited about opening ceremonies, that I got a call from my niece inviting me over for an Olympic party...of course I was in!  

Red, white and blue star necklace

Eventually turned into a pajama party
 They had no clue who they were rooting for, but they were totally enthralled in the opening ceremonies and won't stop talking about all the events they have seen since!  I have taught them well!

My favorite part of the night was when a Chobani commercial came on and I said "Yum, Chobani" and my three year old nephew, Oliver, repeats me, and I go, "Oliver, do you even know what Chobani is?"  With that he proceeded to hop around like a bunny, apparently he thought I was saying "yo bunny" or something!  Love that little kiddo!

Random fact of the day.... I got a new cookbook (on sale at B.A.M.) and can't wait to try out some of the recipes in it!


Fitness Plan

Monday: 35:00 lift + going for a short run now

Tuesday: Lift + 45:00 Cardio

Wednesday: 13-14 miles w/RB

Thursday: Lift + 30:00 Cardio

Friday: 6-8 miles 

Saturday: 4-7 miles

Sunday: Active Rest 


  1. I am totally inspired by the Olympics - it's so fun to watch!

  2. Great plan for the week! I love that he thought Chobani had to do with bunnies. That's really cute!

    1. I know he's just an innocently goofy kid!

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