Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gulf Coast Adventures

Things we saw...
Sun Studio where so much magic happened

Beale Street in Memphis

Cape Girardeau, MO

Southern Miss

Hancock High School
(where J taught for 2 years)

The Dock 

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies...swimming with Bo the dolphin!
Beau Rivage


Biloxi Beach 

Jackson Square 

WWII Museum 

Food we ate...

Biscuits and gravy 


Eggplant, shrimp and of my top two fav meals!


Tennessee you will forever be the BBQ King in  my heart...YUM!

Fitness Plan 

While on vacation, I hoped to get a little more exercise than I did, but due to a lack of hotel gyms and safe running areas I only got two 3 milers in.  I'm getting back at it this week though!

Monday: 12 hours on the road

Tuesday: Crossfit 
800m run
50 pushups
50 pullups
50 wall ball
50 KB swings
50 burpees
800 m run 

1 round for time

Wednesday: 10.5 miles (it felt rough after so much time off and time sitting in the car!)

Thursday: Lift + basketball game

Friday: 4-6 miles

Saturday: 4 miles w/running group

Sunday: 12-13 miles 

What do you have planned for your week? 

Did I miss anything in the blogging world while I was gone this past week? 


  1. Wow, you guys had quite the traveling adventures! I love Jackson Square! Which BBQ place did you guys go to in TN?

    1. It was called BBQ King right on Beale St....I highly recommend it!

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