Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Burner Workout

4 miles - Intervals 2:1 (6.7/7.0)
35:00 (ish)


If you are my friend on the Daily Mile (which you should be by the way!) you would know that today my workout was a total lung burner.  My heart rate was sky high the entire time!  Prior to working at Momentum I would do similar workouts, however, my rest time would be three times what I take now.  It is amazing what cutting your rest time can do to a workout! 

The burpee to sled combo gets ya!  Of course as always, if you decide to try this, please consult a physician first before doing any strenuous exercise. 


This afternoon I will be heading out to see my friend Mandy and her fiance for dinner!  They are in town for her brother's graduation, I was thrilled to find out she was coming to see her brother walk! 

I love my tall friends :)  

What's on tap for your Saturday!


  1. That workout looks insane! So true about the rest in between - even seemingly simple moves get TOUGH without much rest!

    1. It's so true! Hope you enjoy the workout if you take it on :)


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