Friday, May 11, 2012

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Lunge Series
Use a 45 yard area, stopping every 5 yards

Lunge 5 yards
5 Push Ups
5 Full Sit Ups
10 Penguin Crunches 

Lunge full 45 yards back to the beginning 

Hurdle Squat w/delt raise 4 x 6/6
Spider Plank 4 x 15/15

Circuit 1x (w/45# bar): 
Squat 20x
Curls 10x
Shoulder Press 15x

BOSU KB Row 4 x 10/10
Single Leg Box Hops (5 inch box) 4 x 10/10

Circuit 1x

Inverted Row 4 x 10
SB Toe Tap 4 x 8/8 

Circuit 1x
4 miles


Now you see it...


Now you don't!


Or at least you don't if you look real close.  Yesterday I went in to the doctor's office to get a mole removed from my toe.  They said they thought it would be okay, but since it was such a dark color and I don't remember it always being there they said better safe than sorry.  The darkness you see in the second picture is the scabbing and my stitch (yes that is singular). They will biopsy the mole over the weekend and I'll find out whether it was cancerous or not by Tuesday.

So now that you know what's going on with my toe, why don't I share my embarrassing doctor's office story!

If you have never gotten a mole removed, it is a pretty simple procedure.  The whole appointment took 30 minutes, which includes being called in from the waiting room.  My doctor's were telling me the risk, blah, blah, blah and then Doc said I'm going to poke you with this needle, you'll feel a little pain and then some burning, but then it will be numb.  I'm not one who is afraid of needles and can tolerate a little pain, so the injection wasn't too bad, but what got me was either a reaction to the injection or the fact that I was holding my breathe while he was injecting me.  Doc started poking my toe to see if it was numb, so I told him, No I can't feel it, but I'm starting to see spots of light and get really hot. Yes, that is when it all went downhill.  I managed to not pass out, but was sweating profusely even with the nurse fanning me.  I had sweat beading up on my face, sweat running down my neck and sweat pouring out of my legs...note to self don't apply lotion 10 minutes before going to the doctor's office.  While I was going through my little dizzy/hot flash spell, Doc got the deed done and bandaged me up.  I was fine after about 3 minutes, but when I stood up off the table with the paper on it, I left some serious leg/back/butt sweat marks on the paper they change on the table.  Yes, that happened. Embarrassing :)  Doc and my nurse were great about it though.  Have you had any embarrassing moments in the doctor's office?


In the kitchen this week...


Pumpkin spice bagels that I found on Kelly's blog, that turned out mediocre at best for me.  I need to try a different flavor.


Chicken stir fry...yum.  A go-to at my place. 


Crock pot lasagna, from Lindsay's blog, that I tricked J with.... eggplant and spinach inside, but not detectable apparently!


Homemade Mocha Frappe, if you will, was delicious and simple! 

Coffee + Ice + Chocolate protein powder + Milk 

And my favorite for last... 

Chocolate chip cookies with my favorite little man, OJ George as he calls himself  :)

We even learned how to do thumbs up!



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