Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This weekend I went to the most beautiful, romantic wedding I have ever been to!  

The wedding was held outdoors.  The night before it poured like crazy, they got seven inches of rain, but it cleared up for the wedding day... by clear up I mean 90 degrees with 100% humidity (it's been like that the past four days, we're under a heat advisory).  Since it was really hot, it was hard for anyone to drink anything but water really, but the reception was still a blast.  During the ceremony the groom had a little surprise for everyone! He sang his new bride a beautiful song.  I wish I would've known about it, I would have video recorded it... so darn romantic!  Al

My man was an usher in the wedding.  

The wedding colors were orange and navy blue, which really looked awesome together!  

Adorable, yet simple, center pieces... oranges with flowers stuck in the center. 

And they will live happily ever after...

Seriously everything about this couple and their wedding was so magical and romantic to me, I teared up about 10 times during the ceremony and reception.  I hope my wedding will be as romantic as theirs someday!

Fitness Plan
Monday- Lift
Tuesday- Lift * 1.5mile run
Wednesday- 5 mile run
Thursday- Lift * 2 basketball games
Friday- 6 mile run

Total running mileage: 12.5 miles

Today's lift included a number of "fun" lifts... 4 sets of 10 for most

Step ups (20 inch box)
Tube chest fly

Lever twist
20 inch box jumps

Bicep curls


Life has been very busy lately with my new internship, job searching and trying to find time to spend with family and my boyfriend.  I am currently also having issues with my computer again.  It has been very temperamental lately, grr! Still taking computer suggestions! Anyway, I did manage to find a little time yesterday for my two favorite kidlets :)

We had a little fun with my man's old college football helmet...

And a sumbraro I have laying around :)

What hams!

How was your weekend?  Did you have scorching heat?


  1. Great pictures lady, and that workout looks tough too! I also went to a wedding this weekend that was wonderful :)

  2. I love weddings! I thought the caption for the picture of you and your boyfriend said "my mom was an usher" and i just kept reading before I had to rethink that. Haha!

    I beat the heat by attending an ice cream festival. Obviously the best way!

  3. @Tessa @ Amazing Asset The workout was a definite sweat inducer... couldn't stop sweating! Glad your wedding you went to went well!

  4. @Tara Wouldn't that be something to have my mother be an usher in a friend's wedding lol! Ice cream is definitely the best way to beat the heat!


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