Monday, December 12, 2011

A Caroling We Will Go

Each year a number of my family members get together in mid-December with the Knights of Columbus and go Christmas caroling.  A number of years ago (we were trying to figure it out last night, somewhere between 18-21 years)  my grandpa started up Christmas caroling through the Knights of Columbus.  Since then it has been a strong tradition for my family.  This year we had a record turnout, 30 people (about half were family and half were community members)!

We all meet up at the KC building and then hopped on a bus that was provided for the crew.  We have not always had a bus to truck us all around, we used to caravan around town, but we are incredibly fortunate to be able to get bused around together now.

We had five stops this year, which is lower than normal, most of which were at nursing homes and assisted living homes.  The stops we make are based on people who request that we stop by.  In the years past our largest caroling trip was made up of 22 different stops!  Five is a very big difference from our largest number, but with a lower number of stops we are able to sing more songs and take song requests.

We may not be the best sounding crew, but we bring a lot of holiday cheer to a room :)  Below is a quick video of one of the homes we stopped at, if you listen closely you can hear an accordion that one of the residence owns, each year he joins in with us as we sing and he does it all just by listening, no practice involved. I apologize for the quality and lighting, the video was taken on my camera.

  After three hours of singing, the bus headed back to out starting point and eat cookies and hot cocoa.  Once everyone is all cookied out, my family headed to my grandparents house for some family time and chili!

This is the first time my siblings and I have all been together for a couple months, so it was nice to finally get all of us together! And in case you were wondering, the guy who has the Monopoly Guy mustached above is my brother.  I think the facial hair started out as a No-Shave November thing, but has gotten out of control.

Fitness Plan
Monday: 40 min bike + 60 min yoga + lift
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: 45 min boot camp + 60 min assorted cardio
Thursday: 70 min cardio
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run + lift
Sunday: Day off --> Going to Saints game!

My plan is a little vague this week, because I'm just not sure what I feel like doing... there may be some adjustments made along the way.

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