Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boot Camp Workouts

Since so many people liked my post last week that had a lot of workouts in it, I figured I would do something similar and share my past two boot camp classes that I have taught.

Boot Camp #1
Yesterday I assisted in teaching a beginner boot camp class, because there are so many people in the class and a lack of space for them to workout in.  We started the class out in the gym all together and then we split into three groups... one ran on the track upstairs, one did boot camp exercises with instructor #1 in the gym and then I took a group into the racquetball courts to do some abs.  Definitely not ideal, but that's what we had to work with.  Each station was eight minutes long.

After a quick warm up, we got right into it with a tabata.  For those who are not familiar with tabatas it is a four minute long supra-aerobic cardio session.  You do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off/rest.  The purpose of these is to get your heart rate up, burn those calories quickly, and build endurance and muscle strength.

1.) Tabata: Jumping jacks 

For the pyramid start by doing BW squats for 30 seconds.  Rest for 10 seconds, then do 30 more seconds of BW squats and add on 30 seconds of Skiers...Rest 10 seconds.  Continue adding on one exercise of a 30 second duration until you finish your burpees.

2.) Pyramid: Body weight squats (:30) --> Skiers (:30) --> Criss cross jacks --> Side-to-side hops --> Burpees 

3.) Stations: Boot camp exercises - Running on track -- Abs

I don't know what they did during the boot camp exercise station, but here is what I did for the ab station.  Each ab exercise was done for :50 with a :10 break in between.

Standing bicycles
Side crunches
Toe drag
Sprint crunches
Mt. climbers (forward :20, criss cross :20, spider :20) 

Boot Camp #2
For my normal Wednesday class I did things a little differently and synced up my exercises with my music.  For each song I focused on 1 or 2 muscle groups, dividing the time up equally for each exercise, and I threw some tabata action in there as well. Note: The tabatas are a little longer than 4 minutes, just go with it :)

Chest/Biceps (Length of song- 5:06)
Alternate curl hold (hold one DB in your hand with your elbow bent at 90 degrees at your side, the     
                              other arm will do a normal biceps curl)
Chest fly
Reverse curls
Bridge press on BOSU
Spider push ups

Tabata (Length of song- 4:57): Jumping jacks

Legs/Shoulders (Length of song- 5:12)
Lunges (on BOSU) with delt raise
RDL with an upright row
Arnold press
Squat press on BOSU

Tabata (Length of song- 4:54): High knees

Triceps/Back (Length of song- 4:54)
DB horizontal row (row straight out into the air)
Triceps kickback
Superman reach
Side lying triceps push ups

Tabata (Length of song- 5:07)

Abs (Length of song- 4:52)
I did the same ones from above.

Other Workouts
After boot camp this morning I hit the cardio room. I planned on running today, but I just wasn't feeling it much.  I ended up biking for 40 minutes, running one mile (10:00) and then walking one mile (16:00).

I came home to get a little fuel in me and then hit up Exercise TV for the first time!!! I am totally head-over-heals in love with Exercise TV On Demand!  The routine I did was "10lb Slimdown Yoga", a 22 minute routine.

If you've never tried On Demand yoga, and you have access to it... YOU NEED TO TRY IT!  It's not so much that the routines are anything spectacular, but it's so easy and convenient to just pick up the remote on a whim and choose a video!


  1. I loveeee Boot Camp style workouts, they are my favorite :) This looks fabulous girl, you always put some great workouts on here

  2. @Tessa @ Amazing AssetGlad you like them, because I teach boot camp every Wednesday, so there will probably be something new up every week :)


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