Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kelly's Kreations + Workout

Yesterday, instead of going to the gym to get a second lift in, I decided to go to the Coffee Grounds and sip some coffee and read this book I've been at for a while.  By the way if you've considered reading this book, I would do it now!  It is really a great book, Kara shares a ton of tips on running, nutrition, motivation, etc.  

A few weeks ago I learned of Kelly's Kreations, through a friend on Facebook.  Kelly makes a variety of winter hats and after seeing them I of course had to get a couple!  If you're interested in a hat after checking her FB site out, shoot her an email!

I opted for the butterfly....

And the ever-so-fashionable head band styles!

Don't mind the fact that I took these pictures five minutes after I got up this morning, sorry for looking rough.  


This afternoon I'll be doing the "Wednesday" leg workout from yesterday and I'll be working out my triceps with this workout...

Lying triceps push ups
  (lay on your side and push your body up off the ground with your top arm)
SB bridge pullover
Vasa (1:00)
Triceps kickback 
TRX side plank (:45 each side)

Again each is done 3 x 8, unless otherwise specified.  

See Ya Later November
Another month just flew by! I seriously don't know how this year has been going by so quickly!  Here is a quick look back at what happened in November...

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Versatile Blogger Award
Turkey Trot
Great workout 1, 2, and 3

Now I just need to get my booty up off the couch to get some cardio in!  Wish me luck!


  1. cute! love the hat and headband!

  2. @MirandaI know, I love them! Kelly is a local girl, if you're interested you should get in touch :)


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