Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday To-Do + Fitness Plan

In case you had a life this weekend and weren't able to stay on top of blog reading, here are a couple posts you may have missed here on Wealth is Health!

Breakfast: Cinnamon & sugar oats w/banana + almond milk

I have tons of little things to do that I have been putting off or just haven't gotten around to since I wasn't around the house much last week. 

-Clean room
-Watch Desperate Housewives
-Student loan papers
-GOTR volunteer application
-Return books
-Blog reading
-Shop (odds & ends)

Fitness Plan

Monday: Cross Fit Workout + 40 min cardio
Tuesday: Run 5-7 miles
Wednesday: Cross Fit Workout + Stairs
Thursday: Run- Yasso 800s
Friday: Lift + 30 min cardio
Saturday: Long run

Today's Tip: Sneak healthy ingredients into your everyday eats!  For example, making a smoothie or oatmeal, throw some flax seed or chia seeds in the mix.  Get that extra bang for your buck!


  1. Hey Mac, your weekly fitness plan seems good. Whenever I will have a time to follow my fitness routines then I will follow your tips for sure.

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Your site looks like a place a fitness junkie like myself could get sucked in!


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