Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Newton Running + Other New Things


Out the door by 8 am with Brita to hit the pavement. We went out around town, hit some hills and completed 70 minutes of running all before 9:30 am :)  The weather this week is going to be absolutely fantastic, so we're going to get out again Thursday and probably Saturday morning for some more miles.  Tomorrow I will take very light or off, the run was really hard for me today even though it shouldn't have been, so I am taking that as my body's way of telling me it needs a break since I didn't take a day off last week.



Milk + new protein powder (14 g protein, 17 g carb)

Post workout: Fruit smoothie (tropical fruit, soy milk, 1/2 serving protein powder, 1/4 c plain yogurt)

Newton Running Shoes

I was really excited when I was going through this months edition of Runners World and I found this article...

Newton Running Shoes!  The article explains the science behind the design of Newton shoes and it gives a little history on the company.  Why was I excited about this?  Because I just bought a pair a few months ago!  I haven't used them a ton yet, but enough to know that I love them!  I am saving them so I can use them for when I start training for my first marathon... I mean why not run my first marathon in style ;)


If you are an observant person, you may have noticed my new header on my blog!

I will also be trying to feature a health or fitness related tip each day I post, so here's to tip #1....

Today's Tip: Swap the mayo in your tuna for a healthier substitute like hummus or BBQ sauce. 


  1. the new header looks great & wow - those are bright shoes! i love them!

    1. Thanks for the input! And yes they are bright, I love bright things :)

  2. The shoes are super cute! I have wanted a pair of Newton's but gosh they're pricey.

    1. They are really pricey, that's the only downside. I never would have been able to afford them had I not won a gift certificate that paid for most of them.

  3. Those are cute shoes! The new header looks wonderful.


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