Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Climbed The Empire State Building

Monday Workout
Cross Fit
10 burpees
15 jump split squats
20 double unders
25 yard shuttle (5 x 5)
Rest 90 seconds
Repeat for 8 rounds

I was dead tired after this...the double unders really got me!  The rest periods are definitely needed with this much jumping around.  

Tuesday Workout
Stairs (walk)
594 calories

I basically climbed the Empire State Building!  Each trip up the stairs was 144 steps. I lost count on the 13th trip (58 minutes of climbing is a long time and I was distracted by my partner), which is a grand total of 1,872 steps....that is more than the 1,860 steps to get to the top of the Empire State Building, if only I would have actually been there!  Side note, my calves are absolutely on fire today!  I could barely walk when I woke up, it took quite a while to loosen them up. 

Wednesday Workout
5.2 miles- trail run

Today's run was an adventure!  My running buddy and I didn't really know the trail system very well, but we explored and made our way around.  My calves slowed me down a little to make those 5 miles pretty tough, but it was fun and I'm hoping running on a softer surface helps keep my legs more fresh for longer runs.  

Pre-run:  bagel with cream cheese

Post run:  

Skinny caramel latte with Brita


Breakfast burrito: eggs, peppers, onion, queso 


Yogurt, paleo crunch (from Foodie PenPal), banana

Today's Tip: If you're experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) try doing some light exercise, ice your muscles, apply Bio-Freeze, or stretch/yoga.  What are some ways that you deal with DOMS?


  1. Ugh! Just reading about your stair climb makes my legs hurt all over again. I've been taking the pup on some random sets of stairs around Southie while we're out for walks -- he loves it, I'm still cringing.

    So glad to see you enjoyed the crunch! I actually just finished up the last little bit I had left here too :)

    1. Ya I loved the crunch! I'm still crying over my poor legs...never again will I do that many flights out of the blue.

  2. Stairs always leave my legs sore! Any plans to do that again sometime soon?

    1. I know they have a way of doing a number on the legs! I may do a shortened version tomorrow...but definitely not quite as many flights lol!


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