Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Things Sunday

Since this is the easiest way to recap my week since I haven't posted in a while, I'm going to go with it :)

  1. I had a great week of workouts!  Even though my mileage wasn't super high it is okay, because I have a half marathon in two weeks so my long runs are getting shorter.  After the half begins my full marathon training... wahoo! 
    1. Tuesday: 4 miles- easy pace
    2. Wednesday: 5 miles on t-mill + 10:00 elliptical 
    3. Thursday: Cross Fit workout- 2 km row, 50 wall ball, 1 km row, 35 wall ball, 500 m row, 20 wall ball- 22:25 + 20:00 bike 
    4. Friday: Solo 8 miles- 1:13:00
    5. Sunday: 45:00 bike outside + this arm and ab workout
  2. Babysat all day yesterday for these two hoodlums on the right... exhaustion! 
  3. Five more days until we find out how J's hernia surgery recover is going. We are really hoping he didn't go back to work too quickly and mess things up. 
  4. One of my La Crosse girlfriends is coming this week!!! 
  5. Grub Club this Thursday! Anyone have suggestions of what I should make?
  6. I am going to go make these now!!
Enjoy your Sunday relaxing!


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