Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reader Request: Calorie Crusher

A couple quick things before I get to the main topic of my post today...

Cross Fit 
10 side hop overs
4 bear complexes
20 side hop overs
3 bear complexes
30 side hop overs
2 bear complexes
40 side hop overs
1 bear complex
50 side hop overs 

Time: 5:30 

Remember when I went to visit my friend Carrie and we made coffee mugs?  Well they got "fired" and since she visited yesterday, I finally go to see my finished product!!




I love it, I couldn't be happier with the final results of my mug :-)  Now I just need to use it!


A couple weeks ago a reader, Lindsay, emailed me wondering about how to do some of the Calorie Crusher exercises that I posted about a while back. Well I was finally able to make some home videos of most of the moves! Side note: I am a very amateur video maker, so please bear with my video skills.

Box Squat 


Do one minute (or adjust the time to your needs) with 3 boxes, then bump down to 2 boxes and for the third minute use just one box.  Your speed should quicken as the box height gets smaller.  If you don't have boxes like these, just use a small, medium and large box (one blue box is about 5 inches).  

DB Low Lunge

KB Row

BOSU Squat Press

Slider & Mountain Slider

SB Toe Tap

BOSU DB Back Fly

I hope these videos help Lindsay!  If you look these videos up on YouTube there is a small description about correct form that should be used for each exercise.  I hope you enjoyed the videos and the sneak peak of the gym where I work!

Off to carry on with the rest of my days... run, drink from my coffee mug, work and Grub Club! 
What are you doing today?


  1. You MADE that mug? So awesome, it looks really cute! Great job

    1. I didn't actually do the clay formation part of it, but I decorated it. It was so fun, I recommend it if you ever get the opportunity!


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