Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impromptu Trip

Yesterday J and I took a little impromptu trip to the cities... to watch the Twins vs. Red Sox game!  

You may be able to see by our shirts that he is Red Sox fan and I am a Twins fan... that seems to happen to us for every sport (ie; Saints vs. Packers).  

We had a great time, it was fun to be spontaneous for a change and to have some quality "us" time.  

There's no way we could have gone to a Target Field and not have gotten corn dogs and sodas as large as my head.  

And of course popcorn that quite possibly will take us a century to finish!

Overall we had a terrific time, minus the half an hour where I started to freak out that I wasn't going to get any sleep before I worked at 5:00 am the next morning.  I made it through my shift alive and well though... we'll see how the rest of the week goes now.

3 miles

Cross Fit 
Warm up: 400 m jog

3 x 400 m @ 8.0

400 m 
21 KB swing
12 pull ups 
Repeat 2x
Time: 13:01 

Post-workout: 3:00 Turkish get ups
(I made 8 each side)

400 m cool down 


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