Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture-less Weekend

I am so sad that I had an awesome, eventful weekend and have nothing to show for it :(  I have decided to buy a new camera, but I just haven't decided which one to purchase so until then I will be picture-less, since my phone takes crap for pictures.  Here are some of the things I did this weekend...

- Celebrated the O'Connell marriage!  It was a total blast!  They didn't have a huge budget to work with when planning the wedding and they kept it simple, but it was beautiful and such a fantastic time! 

-Celebrated my cousin graduating from high school.  She will be heading beauty school in the cities, but before that she will be trying out for Miss Teen USA!  She is a gorgeous young woman and I wish her nothing but the best!

-Took my dad golfing for Father's Day!  My dad loves to golf.  I don't hate golfing, I just don't do it because I'm not very good at it.  Insert the fact that I haven't swung a golf club, let alone played 9 holes and a 67 (maybe) doesn't sound so bad.  My dad killed me!  It was a blast though, I enjoyed the father-daughter time and it was like when I was younger, him teaching me how to play.  

Picture from Mother's Day

-I ran a 10 miler yesterday!  I really worked on slowing my pace down, because long and slow is really hard for me to do annnnnnd because I will be leading a running group at work starting this next Saturday!  I hope we get an okay turn out! 

-On the not-so-fun events list is that my sister's father-in-law passed away this weekend, so I will be attending his funeral in the middle of the week this week.  Chuck was a very sweet, loving man, who would give the world to my little niece and nephew... he will be missed. 

Fitness Plan

The camp I have been working has really been wiping me out and consuming most of my day, so I have been really trying to force myself to keep my workouts up!  Here is what I plan to do this week....

Monday: 5 miles + CrossFit workout 
Tuesday: Lift + 45:00 cardio + 1 mile
Wednesday: 5-7 miles
Thursday: Lift + 30:00 cardio + 1 mile
Friday: 3 miles + CrossFit
Saturday: 10-12 miles (we,ll see how many the group wants to do)
Sunday: Rest :)


  1. Congrats on the long run! Sorry to hear about the loss in your sister's family.


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