Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marathon Training: Three Distances of Training Runs

1 mile + Arms/Chest lift

6 mile walk/run

1 mile + Legs/Abs lift + 30:00 Elip

1 mile + shoulders/chest lift + 10:00 Elip

5 miles

1 mile + Piyo

Time for another CSCS Series post! This time the topic will be coming from my Marathon Training book! I loved reading this book, as a soon to be first time marathon runner, I soaked up every bit of information from this text.  

CSCS: Marathon Training

Training Runs 

A good training program will take into account the following three factors:

1. Consistent, easy running for months at a time; a solid base of running cannot be underestimated!
2. Important of the long run. Without constant extended runs between 120-180 minutes, a runner will most likely not succeed at the marathon distance.
3. Relatively speaking, fast running is not important. Faster running should be reserved for those who have been running 25 miles a week for at least 2-3 months, rather than novices.

With these three keys in mind, lets take a look at the three distances of training runs...

Short-Distance Run
A short distance run is typically between 2 and 4 miles or 20 to 40 minutes.  During these runs muscles learn to more efficiently process oxygen and gain strength. Short runs can be used for rest and recovery depending on your level of fitness and how far into your training you are. In general, each week should include 2 to 3 easy, short runs.

Medium-Distance Run
A medium distance run is between 4 and 11 miles or 40 to 90 minutes.  Once runs get beyond 90 minutes the body starts to deplete energy stores, so it is best to save these more demanding efforts for the long run.  A medium run is best measured by time for novices, since it usually takes a novice longer to run a mid-distance run than an advanced runner.  The medium run is meant to build a strength base without placing too much stress on the musculoskeletal system or the runner's mental state.  Generally speaking each week should include 2-3 medium distance runs.

Long-Distance Run
A long distance run is considered to be anything over 90 minutes.  For most runners, the long run should be twice the length of the runner's average medium run.  There are times when the long run needs to exceed twice the medium run in order to best prepare for 26.2, but the longer runs should be prepared for gradually.  A long run should be performed 2 to 3 times a month at conversational pace, unless it is an advanced runner.

The previous information is meant to be used as a general guideline, it is important to listen to your body even if it means not meeting the previous guidelines.  You should consult your physician before you begin any new vigorous routine. 

Information in this post is from Marathon Training by DSW Fitness.  
I am not a certified nutritionist nor is this information intended to be used in place of seeing a physician.  
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email me at


I had to drop J off at the airport today so he could go to Boston and visit his brother, so I decided to make the trip worth my while and I stopped here...

I was a first timer, so I was that girl standing in the aisle for ten minutes looking at one section of food before I made a decision to pick something off the shelf.  I have never had to demonstrate more self control than I had to while I was here.  Thank goodness I don't live closer!  Since my camera's donzo I don't have pictures of the items I bought, but I can give you a list :)

-TJ's insulated bag (I forgot to bring something to keep cold stuff in)
-Ultra Dark Sumatra Coffee
-Ride Cut Sweet Potato Chips
-BBQ Chip Potato Pops
-Mandarin Orange Chicken
-General Tsao Sauce (yum!)
-Mahi Mahi Burgers
-Australian Red Licorice
-Spinach Tortellini
-Fruit Leather
-Sugar & Chocolate Coffee Grinder
-TJ's Vanilla Almond Milk

If my refrigerator weren't full of 25 pounds of strawberries that I picked on Thursday with my mom, I would have brought some fresh produce home.  On that note...Does anyone have any strawberries recipes I should make?


  1. So jealous of your strawberries! Maybe you could make a strawberry galette? It's super easy to make and looks like you spent a lot of time on it!

    1. Mmm that sounds good! Any particular recipe in mind?


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