Monday, June 11, 2012


Today marks the first day of official WYSP activities!  For those of you who don't know what WYSP is, it is a free, summer sports camp that is put on by UW-Eau Claire in an effort to teach children how to stay active through various sports and learn a little about health education.  The camp, funded through various sponsors and grants, provides a breakfast and a lunch for all 430 kids (this years number).  For some children this is their summer school...they take an instructional course most of the day and join us for meals and a little bit of the first period.  

This is my summer job!  I will still be training over at my gym, but WYSP will be my main focus for the next month.  As a former college basketball player I was asked two years ago to be their basketball professional staff, who taught the different age groups (ages 10-16) about the game of basketball and how to play it.  

Today is just counselor and instructor training from 8am-5pm.  But our first day with the kids starts tomorrow! Monday through Friday (minus the holiday weekend), 8am-3pm I will be instructing basketball at camp...outside!  Talk about loving my life!  There are definitely some frustrating moments as the instructor, but knowing how much it means to the kids and how much of an impact you have on their lives and summer make it so worth the while!  

Do you have a summer job?  Have you ever worked a camp? 


Fitness Plan

My schedule is going to be super crazy this week, so this is definitely a tentative plan, but I hope to get everything in! 

Monday: 4 miles + lift
Tuesday: Lift
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: Lift 
Friday: 7-10 miles
Saturday: Bridal & Bachelorette parties 
Sunday: Traveling home + Father's Day


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