Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank You Skinny Taste for Skinny Scones

8.31 miles

1.5 mile #RWrunstreak
Lots of walking

1.0 mile #RWrunstreak
Lots of walking

I mentioned at the beginning of last week that all of my activity this weekend would be recreational because I was having a girl friend visit and I wasn't lying!  Carrie has never seen Eau Claire (not that there's much to see) so on Saturday we explored the downtown areas on foot.  I showed her all the hot spots that J and I usually go to and pointed out the University.  Our final destination was the farmers market...she was in for a treat because there were a lot of activities going on that aren't usually happening.  We caroused around the market, bought some awesome salsa from the Chip Magnet (a local family makes their own salsa and sells it at the market)!


After the market we headed across the street where they were having a mini carnival to promote all the new small businesses in the area.  We checked everything out and even won a 8 oz cup of ice cream from Frogiyo Frozen Yogurt, Eau Claire's version of FroYo!  Having them in town could be incredibly dangerous!  I wish my camera would be working, because it was totally picture-worthy!

On Sunday we took a walk to Starbucks where we both took advantage of the promo they had going on... buy  a package of instant iced coffee and get any tall drink for free!  I may have taken advantage of that twice this weekend, now I just need to try my new iced coffee to see if I like it!

After we returned from our walk we dove into a new (to us) recipe that we found earlier... OMG so good!!! Thank you Skinny Taste!

You know how when you make a recipe from someone else's blog and it never looks as good as theirs?  You wouldn't believe it, but mine actually looked almost identical to hers!  You have to make these! Love!


Fitness Plan

Monday: 1 mile + Lift
Tuesday: 5 miles + Abs
Wednesday: 3 miles + Lift
Thursday: 1 mile + cardio + Lift
Friday: 5 miles + Yoga
Saturday: 8-10 miles
Sunday: 1 mile + Rest

How is your streak going if you are participating in the #RWrunstreak ?


It's your turn! Tell me your comments and opinions!