Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lottery Please?!

Right about now I wish I had the new amazing piece of technology that Iowa Girl Eats mentioned in her blog yesterday!  I loath taking my memory card out of my camera and putting it into my computer whenever I need to download pictures (I know, how lazy of me!).  Prior to reading her post I don't think I loathed this process, I think it just annoyed me, but now that I know there is such a thing that just automatically loads your pictures to your computer, I loathe the process.  Lord, please let me win the lottery so I can buy one of these and lots of other neat toys!!! *fingers & toes crossed*  Really, if you haven't checked out her post, do it now... the camera accessory appears to be life changing! 


Moving on, can anyone else not believe it is the last day of August already!?!  The weather is definitely starting to show that too. I love the summer heat, but the fall/spring temps are much nicer to run in!  This morning I hit the road for a quick 3 mile run and was planning on going to the gym to get my lift on, but my sister called to see if I wanted to go for coffee... I couldn't turn her down :)  Not only is coffee hard for me to turn down, I don't get much time with just her without the kids around, so I had to take her up....not to mention I wasn't really feeling the lift today.  But, not to worry I will have time to do it tomorrow!

I made a batch of "energy" bars yesterday, but wasn't totally please with them, so I'm not going to share the recipe...Once I get the perfect combination of ingredients put together I'll share :)  Even though they aren't the greatest, I am still going to eat them because I don't like wasting things, so I had one pre-run this morning.

Last night I also made some sweet tea with pomegranate green tea, I haven't tried this flavor yet, but it's not too shabby!  I had a glass of this with my lunch today, which was a sweet and sour chicken wrap... I think McD's sells snack wraps like these, but mine totally kicks its butt!  (Not pictured, sorry)

Remember when I met up with my friend to go running and she gave me a sample of some protein powder she sells? Well, I loved it, and I got a tub myself! Here are the stats:

Serving size: 2 scoops (49.3 g)
Calories: 200 
Total Fat: 6 g (1.5 g saturated)
Total Carbs: 18 g (10 g fiber)
Protein: 18 g 
A variety of vitamins & minerals are present as well

Cost: $29.95... not too bad right?!

I whipped up a 1 scoop batch of protein pudding with peanut butter and ate it on a couple of graham crackers... totally curbed my sweet craving!  I'm really planning on only using this as a post workout fuel, but every now and again I'm sure it'll show up as a dessert for me. Do you use protein powder?  What is your favorite way to eat/drink it? 

The new YMCA group fitness schedule just came out yesterday for September and I am super excited because there are yoga and pilates classes (which I prefer) at times I am available!  There are two days I have my eyes on... Monday at 10am (Yoga II) or noon (Mat Pilates) and Thursday at 9:40am (Fusion- Pilates & Yoga) or Noon (Yoga).  This is my pledge to myself... I will go to at least one of these classes a week! If I don't make at least one, I am cheating myself, because I am totally available during all four of those times.  Ready. Set. Stretch. :-D 

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  1. I have you beat--I have to pull out the camera card, insert it into a separate card reader (my comp doesn't have one) and THEN put it into the computer. 30 seconds wasted, haha!
    I eat protein powder every day in my oatmeal for breakfast. Delicious!


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