Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Six Years Ago Yesterday

I hope you all made it out of your sugar comas... I'm still trying to make my way out, the Easter bunny hit my house hard!

J was quite surprised to see that the thing I was most excited about was the Pez dispenser in my basket!  In fact I was so excited, my new bunny dispenser inspired me to dig through all my old stuff and pull out the only Pez dispenser I saved when I cleaned out all of my old childhood stuff from my parent's house.
I <3 Pez + Ninja Turtles!


A little delayed, but here is what the week has looked like in my world of fitness and what the rest of my weekly fitness plan is...

Step ups 4 x 8/8
TRX power pull 4 x 5/5

EZ bar curls 4 x 12
SB DB alternate pullover 4 x 6/6

BOSU KB row 4 x 10/10
Jump pull ups 4 x 5 

Push ups 4 x 5(wide) -5 (normal) -5 (narrow grip)
SB knee tucks 4 x 10

Piyo/3 miles (More about Piyo later this week)

5 miles/Stairs

Thursday: Cross Fit + Cardio
Friday: Piyo + Easy run (?)
Saturday: Long run w/Brita

6 Years Old!

I can't believe it was six years ago that I was a freshman in college.  And that six years ago yesterday I got a call from my sister while I was studying telling me I was officially an aunt to this little angel!  When she came into my life she changed my whole world forever!

Now she is reading...

Being a great big sister to her little brother...

Being the official birthday cake cutter (note the ice cream scooper... he made us all feel like we were on diets with his scoop size lol)...

And being a complete goof ball!  

We love you Kietra! Happy 6th birthday!

Today's Tip: Snack on a combo of protein and carbs every few hours to keep your mind sharp...low blood sugar can impair your judgement. 


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