Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot BBQ Roast Beef + Yoga

For those of you who did not know, I am a huge Biggest Loser fan (even bigger after having met Patrick from last season).  In typical Biggest Loser fashion I found myself parked in front of the tv watching the show tonight.  However, tonight was different from other nights that I have watched the show.  Tonight I made a change, because last week I realized that somehow (ironically) I always found myself eating junk (ie: cookies, chips/snacks) while watching the Biggest Loser!  I decided something is TERRIBLY wrong with this picture, most people would probably be doing the exact opposite and would be inspired to eat healthier food at this time.  Tonight I decided to make a change, put a stop to this weird trend I noticed, so I did yoga during the Biggest Loser!

(I only did 15 minutes of this video) 

I know yoga is meant to be a reflective and focused exercise, and that me doing it while watching tv shows just how crazy my life is that I have to multi-task to fit a bout of yoga in my day... sickening I know, but better then than never, right?!

P.S.  What the heck was Rulon thinking?!  I need an explanation!

Yesterday I did a crazy amount of moving around outside of my workout.  I started my day off with a 3 mile run, then over the course of my day with running errands and going to and from work I biked 50 minutes!  It felt so nice to be biking in the fresh, crisp air.  

Today I biked for 35 minutes and did 15 minutes of yoga. 

Today I made the most amazing creation with my left over roast beef from Easter!  I was so incredibly excited because it tasted like it was straight from Subway or a restaurant!  I didn't take a picture of it, because it really wasn't anything special to see... but it was definitely something special to taste!  In the mix...

Roast beef
Jalapeño peppers (I used 5)
Green olives (I used 5)
BBQ sauce (to taste)
[Note: This was a single serving]

All I did was chop the jalapeño peppers and green olives and then mixed it in with warm roast beef and BBQ sauce.  Serve on a kaiser roll or wheat bread. 


I would make this in bulk and serve it at a party it is so good! 


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