Thursday, April 28, 2011

T minus 3 days!

T minus 3 days until I run my first 13.1 miles!  The nerves and doubts are starting to kick in a little.  The furthest I have ever run is 8.5 miles... yikes!  Anyway it's going to be a crazy weekend, not only because of the half, but I also have a lot of other stuff going on too.

  • Tons of homework/finals studying
  • Hosting a Lacrosse Conference Tournament (thank goodness I'm not the director so I don't have to be there both days)
  • End of the year work party (I am in charge of this though...busy, busy), and...
  • My boys coming to visit me!
So it is going to be a busy tizzy weekend... be sure to check in for a recap on Sunday night!

In other news I desperately needed to grocery shop so I went to Aldis for the first time (based on my sisters recommendation).   The organization of the place drives me bonkers, but the concepts they have going on there are great.  For example you pay a quarter (which you get back when you leave) to use/unlock a shopping cart.  This cuts back on the need for employees to gather carts, hence cutting the costs ultimately for the customer.  They also charge you for paper ($.06) and plastic bags ($.12)  (you don't get that money back) which also ultimately lowers costs for the customer and keeps it green!  All of their efforts to keep prices low, definitely show in the store.  I bought a lot of groceries today for just $28, which buying those same items at any other grocery store would've easily cost me $40.  Moral of the story... I now look forward to grocery shopping :)

Alright off to bed, before my last run tomorrow morning before the half.  Can't wait for the feeling of accomplishment I will feel after finishing!  My hope is to make it under 2 hr 10 mins.  Wish me luck!


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