Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sausage and Shoes

This was the question of my morning... Are these really sausage links?  

I cooked these up in the microwave (running short on time) this morning to have in my homemade breakfast sandwich and this is what they turned out like...

Now you may not be able to tell by the picture, but after I took these out of the microwave, I threw them onto my English muffin that had an egg and slice of cheese on it and dove right in.  I took my first big bite into  the sandwich and did not even continue chewing after my initial bite.  These sausage links had gone under some sort of transformation while in the microwave that made them turn hard, cardboard-like, and some adjective I don't even know.  They also turned a very dark brown.  After my first bite I took the sausage out and ate the rest of my sandwich.  I was extremely disappointed in the product.  Has anyone else had a similar experience with the Banquet sausage links?  Sans sausage, my breakfast sandwich was delish!

In other news I leave for New Orleans in 8 days!!!  I will be attending the NIRSA conference in New Orleans, this is going to be my first time attending the national conference so I am very excited to see what it is like.... not to mention I LOVE the Big Easy!  I am hoping we get a little time to do some exploring.  Since I will be leaving in about a week, I decided to do a little shopping to get some professional looking items.  I got myself two new pairs of shoes and a pair of dress pants. 

Aren't they cute?!

 I DID NOT, however, get what I was really looking for, which is khakis.  Does anyone know where I can get some good fitting khakis?  I have very long legs, a flat butt and semi-wide hips... not an easy combo to shop for.  The last pair of khakis I bought was my freshman year of high school and they are really worn!  You can almost see through a few patches in the butt!  I have been searching for a number of years, but have not ever been able to find any khakis that I like, so I am open for any suggestions people might have.

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!  Happy April!  


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