Friday, April 1, 2011

Tina to the Rescue!

The other day I sent Tina over at Carrots'n'Cake an email asking if she had any suggestions about what I could use to clean up my previous post about my first day of my food diary.  She did an great job helping me out, by writing a post about Jing!  She's so great :)  Here is the product of the clean up session!  

Now I can point out things, like the massive amount of calories I consumed the other day or that my diet consisted primarily of carbs that day. I love all the reports that Livestrong gives you about macronutrient break down and totals up your calories burned and eaten in a day and sums it up over the week. It's a wonderful tool.  Now I need to get back in the habit of logging my food electronically each day so I can find some patterns in my eating habits that may need changing.  Do you have a online food log that you like to use? 

In other news tonight my crew and I put on a Paddle Battle (ping pong tournament) that was quite successful. We had 19 participants and the semifinal and championship game were SOOO intense! I'm not great at table tennis, but I have an appreciation for those who are good at it.  It requires a LOT of hand eye coordination!  Tomorrow we will be putting on a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.  Unfortunately there is only going to be a men's bracket, because we could not get enough women's team.  Game on!

Some of today's eats...

Oats, banana, apple pie seasoning, caramel and end of peanut butter jar 

The results... OIAJ
Egg white and spinach 
Breakfast sandwich... for lunch :) 
Sweet n' Salty Nut bar

Early to bed for this kid tonight!  Happy Friday!


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