Monday, May 2, 2011

St. Clare Health Mission Half Marathon

Jeana & I

13.1 accomplished!!!  Yesterday I ran in the St. Clare Health Mission Half Marathon, this was my first half marathon.  I was really nervous that I wasn't going to be prepared for the race since my PDR (personal distance record) was only 8.5 miles pre-race.  But what I didn't realize was that the atmosphere and adrenaline you feel during the race is enough to push you through more than you think you can get through! 

About 4 months ago my girl friend, Jeana, convinced me to run this race with her.  I guess it didn't take much convincing, because I've been wanting to run one for a loooong time, but she gave me the push I needed to sign up.  THANK YOU JEANA!  The 4 months of training was long and to be honest may have even been too long, because the last couple weeks I struggled to follow my training plan... I needed some more variety, or maybe I needed more races (5K, 10K) during my training period to mix things up.  

Race day temperature wasn't too bad, a cool 40 degrees, the only problem was the wind.  You can tell from the picture above that the wind was blowing quite a bit.  I thought I was going to get really bored over the course of the race, but most of the course was through an area I had never been to so it kept it interesting.  The first hour of the race flew by and my body felt great up until mile 10 when my legs started to feel a little like lead.  But I knew there were only 3 miles left, that was enough to keep me moving.  I think I got a little too excited at mile 11 knowing the end was so close because I kicked it into the next gear!  I was able to cross the finish line feeling strong and I crushed my goal time of 2:10... my time was 2:05 (on my watch and what I remember seeing as I crossed the line)!  I am still waiting for the results to be posted on the race website to see where I ranked, and to see my official time.  

It is amazing what your body can adapt to when you train it.  When I started training the furthest I had ever run was 5 miles, and I only did that a couple times.  My body would be spent after those 5 milers.  After 13.1 yesterday, by body was definitely sore, but not as bad as a I thought it would be.  All in all, the toll the race took on my body was not enough to scare me off from other half marathons!

Can't wait to sign up for my next half!


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