Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Cheers for a Long Weekend!

It's only noon and my day has been crazy already!  Aren't Fridays supposed to be days you unwind and relax on?  Anyway here's what it's looked like thus far...
  • 4 mile run (37 mins) 
  • BL Yoga (30 mins)
  • Breakfast - I did not have breakfast food this morning, in fact I had lunch food.  Roasted red pepper hummus wrap with all the fixins' 
  • Read Blogs
  • Dishes
  • Changed Luther's water 
  • Stopped at the library 
       It just so happened that two books I had on hold showed up today, so I stopped over to pick them up!

  • Packed my bag for the weekend 
  • Hunted for my lost ring :(  Not joke I was out looking for it every I had been yesterday for an hour and it's still missing... sad face. 
  • Called Victoria's Secret - unhappy customer because they gave me a late fee even though I never got my statement
  • Ate lunch
Even though I have a long and stressful day today, I'm looking forward to relaxing the rest of the weekend.  Tomorrow my lovely boyfriend and I will be heading to Milwaukee to watch two Brewer's baseball games over the weekend!  They've been on a winning streak at home, so lets hope they can keep that going.  This will only be my second time going to a Brewer's game, I was raised as more of a Twins fan since I am originally from MN.  

This is us last time, let's hope I don't have to whip out my rally cap again :)

Other than the Brewer's game I will be playing the weekend by ear... ahh I like the sound of that!  What will you be doing over Memorial Day weekend?


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