Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Day May Day!

This was really supposed to be yesterdays post, but when I tried to post last night Blogger was down, sad.  So lucky for you there will be TWO posts today! Wahoo!  Today's (well really yesterday's) post has four parts, I'll try to keep them all pretty short and sweet :)

Part 1 - Comments
May day, may day! Yesterday I was informed by two people that they were unable to leave a comment on my blog :(  I think I figured it out, but I'm not sure if anyone has tried it yet.    Hopefully I got it figured out though, because it let me leave a comment when I tested it.  If someone would graciously leave me a comment or email me if it does NOT work I would greatly appreciate it.  Tell me about your blog... How long have you had it? What was your initial purpose for it?... in your comment

Part 2 - Fire Alarm Workout
Now you may be thinking this is some revolutionary workout... no, no it not.  Yesterday when I arrived home I was greeted by my roommate and others that live in my apartment building outside.  Why were they outside?  Because the fire alarm was blaring!  Now, sadly, none of us took this seriously because this has happened before.  It is a false alarm and it takes about 15-20 minutes to shut the thing off.  There is apparently something wrong with the alarm system (gee I feel safe) and it has been that way for longer than the year I've been here.  Anyway so when the fire department finally got it shut off we all went back inside.  I laced up my shoes and put my workout clothes on and headed down to the fitness center in my apartment.  (Note: I REALLY wanted to run, but I knew running in 84 degree weather would not be a good idea.) While I was going at it on the bike I was startled by the alarm going off AGAIN!  Well I knew once again that there was no real emergency, but proceed out of the building anyway because the alarm is painfully loud.  We sat outside again for another 15 minutes and then it shut off... up the elevator we went, took one step onto our floor and OFF GOES THE ALARM FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!  This time I said enough is enough and took my book that I had with me and walked down to the park to read.  Argh!  Management you will be hearing from a not very happy customer soon!

Part 3 - Brought to you from... 
My porch!  With the weather being in the 80s yesterday and there being a slight breeze, I couldn't say no to the porch, so this post if brought to you from my porch :)

The view

The river and bluffs are just beyond those buildings

I got to watch a gorgeous sunset as I finished reading all of your blogs and worked my own post :)  My porch is probably my new favorite blogging spot.  Where is your favorite blogging spot?

Part 4 - MMMM Food
Breakfast: English muffin egg sandwich, dipped in hot sauce

Snack: BALLZ!!!  I did not take a picture of mine, because I don't want to steal the Fitnessista's thunder.  I've been wanting to try these for the longest time, but protein powder is not a staple in my pantry.  It may have to be now!  Seriously, if you have not tried making them yet DO IT!  Not only are they easy, but they are what Gina would call foodgasmic!  The only down side is the recipe doesn't make a lot, I guess that's my excuse to quadruple+ the batch!  Ballz will definitely make a regular appearance on Wealth is Health!

Lunch: Left over black bean burger with a slice of banana bread that my boss made

Post-workout: Cookies and Cream protein shake

Like I said previously protein powder is not a normal staple in my pantry, so when I finally decided I was going to make ballz I picked up a small packet of vanilla protein powder and I couldn't resist trying this cookies and cream flavored packet!  I mixed it with milk like the directions and it turned out way thicker than I anticipated.  It was actually quite filling though, it definitely tied me over for my late dinner.  

Dinner: Wednesday Night Wings!  One of my favorite things about La Crosse is Wednesday Night Wings, unfortunately this year I either had night class, intramural basketball/volleyball games or was just plain busy on Wednesday nights, so I only got to take advantage of this special night a handful of times this year.  But tonight, I wasn't missing out on it!  I got two pounds of wings (I know that's a lot, but I don't do this often and I saved up for this event) for, get this, THREE DOLLARS!  Incredibly I know!  La Crosse is the reason I don't ever order wings anywhere else, all other restaurants/bars are stealing my money!  Anyway, wings did not disappoint and I was in the company of great friends...

SE Love

More on these lovely ladies another time :)

TGIAF!  Have a great Thursday!


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