Friday, May 13, 2011

Unusal Things + Spiced Bananas Recipe

Unusual Thing #1
Up until this morning I had not had any coffee this week!  Apparently there is a direct correlation between my coffee drinking habit and my stress level from school and my job.  Normally I have one or two cups of coffee a day, but since I finished school on Monday and had a very easy wrap up week at work this week I've had only one so far this week.  Mark it down!

Unusual Thing #2
Up until yesterday I had not had any pasta this week.  I usually have pasta at least once a week, usually in the form of mac & cheese, because that's my favorite and of course it 's my name (Mac :P)! My lack of carbs definitely showed in my run yesterday. So my girls and I went to Applebees and shared a 2 for $20 deal, and of course we didn't forget to have a drink :)  We shared spinach artichoke dip, chicken & shrimp sizzler and cajun shrimp pasta!  We also all got a drink of our own, I chose the mudslide, which turns out I could have just ordered a milkshake for half the price because that's basically what it was... fantastically delicious though!

Unusual Thing #3
I can't get motivated to run.  Ever since I ran my half marathon, I have been struggling with my mental state during runs.  Yesterday I went on barely a three mile run and I stopped to walk 3 times it took me 35 minutes, not because I was physically tired, but because my mind was not in the right place.  There were some other possible factors that might have affected me yesterday as well, like my first run out in the hot weather and I only had a banana before I went out to run. Have you ever had this happen to you?  How did you deal/cope?

Unusual Thing #4
It's Friday the 13th!  This doesn't happen very often!  Are you superstitious?  I am not, but I do usually like to do something to spook myself.  Since my boyfriend is coming here this weekend maybe we'll watch Ghost Adventures.  What are you doing on Friday the 13th?

This summer weather has brought out the fruit freak in me! I have had a lot more smoothies than I normally do in the past couple weeks.  I also turned this regular ol' melon...

into this gorgeous, colorful melon bowl! 

In the melon is plain yogurt (which was a surprise to me, I thought it was vanilla when I bought it), cottage cheese, frozen berries and coconut.  

Earlier I made these spiced bananas...

This picture doesn't exactly do them justice.  I think they actually taste just like bananas foster!  These are great to top ice cream with!  My next quest is to try them on my oats!  

Spiced Bananas
3 large bananas, sliced
3 tsp. brown sugar
3/4 tsp. vanilla extract 
1/4 tsp. cinnamon (I used apple pie spice in this particular batch)
1 Tbsp. butter

Place bananas in a small microwavable bowl.  Top with brown sugar, vanilla and spice and dot with butter.  Cover and microwave for 1-2 minutes or until the sugar is melted.  Stir it once.  These are great by themselves, but feel free to spoon over ice cream!  Serve while warm.  (Makes 4 servings)

What is your favorite way to have fruit (ie: heated, fresh, canned, in a recipe)?
I like mine fresh best.  I do have this weird thing that I don't like to eat mixed fruit, so please don't mix your fruit in a bowl if you invite me to a party :)


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