Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grocery Planning

So remember how I was going to go dominate team trivia last night?  Okay, well that part didn't happen.  We did not dominate.  But we DID enjoy $50 worth of bar food amongst the 12 of us, that they won from last week!  We got three appetizer samplers and two pizzas.  The samplers had fried pickles, cheese curds, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and onion wings.   Not a thing on the plate wasn't fried and might I add, only in Wisconsin would you see a sampler that includes both cheese curds AND mozzarella sticks.  The fact that everything was fried made me cringe a little bit, but what's the fun of life if you don't splurge a little here and there, right?  For those of you anxiously awaiting the question to the free answer last night, here it is...

Question: King Tut had 12 pairs of these buried with him when he died?
Answer: Underwear!

Grocery Planning

I haven't done meal planning in a few weeks, so I decided what better time to do it then this week!  Normally when I go grocery shopping I try to have a list of what exactly I need.  I also try to have an idea of what meals I will make that week so I know what things I need to purchase.  Most of my lunches consist of some sort of sandwich and veggies, but dinners I like to spend a little more time on it.  Last week I did not do this and I ended up going to the co-op on three separate occasions to pick up random things I needed... pain in the butt!  So here's the rough plan for next week (I know I will think of other things over the weekend).

I'll be stopping by the grocery store on my way home from Eau Claire this weekend, since it is on the way back to my apartment in La Crosse.  How do you prepare yourself for the grocery store?

Weekend Agenda 

  • Friday
    • 6 mile run
    • Drive to EC
    • Study at Starbucks for summer class & CSCS
    • Coffee date with a friend
    • Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Saturday
    • Sleep in :)
    • Great Grandma's 99th birthday (hopefully)!
    • Friend's graduation party

 I am either coming down with a cold or for the first time in my life experiencing allergies.  I have never had allergies, but based on what people tell me, I feel like what I am dealing with is allergy junk... stuffy nose, irritated eyes, sore throat... could be either!  Hopefully I get better, otherwise I may not be able to go to grandma's 99th, for the risk of giving her my bug.  :(  Let's hope for the best!


  1. I always make a list before I shop, otherwise I end up with a ton of things I don't need and nothing I actually need! But I rarely plan my meals more than a day in advance. I need to start!

  2. just saw your comment over at Healthy Tipping Point...I just finished What I Talk About When I Talk About Running too and I really wasn't impressed either! Glad to know I wasn't the only was like I was interested as I was reading but by the end I was like- what was the point of that?

  3. @TurnerLifeAround I know major bummer, glad you felt the same way because the people who I know who have read it said they liked it.


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