Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Year Old Fitness Guru

I watched a very interesting story this morning on Good Morning America.... 10 Year Old Fitness Guru, C.J. Senter. Check out the video story here or you can watch this Youtube video below.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic...

1. He is only 10 years old.  Many people think this is too young to be doing such a large volume of exercise. My opinion: Although he is doing a large volume, kids are built to go-go-go and do a large volume, as long as it is low intensity/weight.  C.J.'s workouts are just body weight moves, and his dad says he does not want him using weights just yet. Plus he is a GREAT example to his peers (and adults!). 

2. His parents must be making him do this. My opinion: I could see where a lot of people would think this, but if the interview on GMA was totally truthful (I hope it is), the parents said that they do not force him to do any workouts, the only thing they make sure he does is do his best in school, which by the way he's an honor student. Also, apparently they have given out more free DVDs than they have actually sold, so "it's not about the money", we"ll see how things go over time before I express my true opinion on this one. 

3. Will he get to live the life of a normal child? My opinion: Okay, this is one that I worry about too, especially where he just made it on to GMA at the age of 10, there's no saying where this will go in the future   Where I think he can have an amazing impact on other children, I do worry about him being able to live a normal life. 

4. Will this affect his body image and self esteem as he grows up? My opinion: Again this is another concern of mine.  With him being in the lime light and being under so much pressure with all this media exposure now, I worry about how this might affect his body image.  C.J. said that he does not eat candy or junk food very often, which is great, but I hope that down the road if he decides to start eating some of those types of foods that he does not experience guilt and other negative emotions affiliated with eating those foods.  

I know there are many more issues to address, however these are just a few, and these are my opinions.  I understand that others may have different opinions, and I would love to hear them!  I'm sure I could discuss this topic, both ways on all arguments, for days and days!

Your turn to weigh in, what do you think?


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