Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Yesterday I hung out with my sister and I asked when she was going to take the kids out to go trick-or-treating for Halloween.  She said she wasn't sure what she wanted to do because she didn't really want the kids to have all that candy, if you're a mom I'm sure you could agree kid don't need a pillow case full of candy, so me being the great auntie that I am scrambled for a solution. I mean I would hate to miss seeing my two little angels dressed up!

So here is my solution for her... Halloween Candy Buy Back! The Halloween Candy Buy Back program is part of Operation Gratitude. The jist of the program is that dentists around the country register to the program and take part in collecting and shipping candy to soldiers overseas!  I wasn't sure if she would be able to do it, but I did a search and sure enough we have a dentist in town that is in the program!  If you want more details on the program check out their website.

Thirty One
Remember when I went to my sister's Thirty One party?  Well I just got my purchase, so I wanted to show you what it is!

This may look like just another wallet, but this bad boy is helping solve my purse clutter problem. In this dang age every place has a credit card, punch card, or a reward card, and of course I'm a sucker for all of them!  I have so many cards/punch cards that not only is my wallet busting at the seems, but I also have an additional card holder!  Oh and don't forget about my check book adding to the clutter!

With my new wallet everything fits in one!  This wallet is made of some sort of cloth-ish material (yeah, I know I'm good, don't ever ask me to make your clothing), so it is expandable and can fit more stuff in it!  My check book even fits inside, but I'm not sure if I'll carry it in there just because I don't use it very much and I think it'll just be in the way when I open my wallet.

I was not paid or given any incentives for either of these products/organizations.  I chose to share about these products because I like them, the opinions are my own. 

Have you ever donated your Halloween candy to some cause?

What is your favorite accessory?


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