Thursday, October 27, 2011

MMM: My Fitness Story

A couple days ago, the lovely Ashley from Me and My Boys found my blog and asked me if I'd like to be a part of her Motivate Me Monday (MMM) series...and of course I said yes!  I mean anything that has to do with fitness, health and wellness is what my blog and I are all about!  So if you are checking out my blog through this program, welcome to Wealth is Health!!

So what is Motivate Me Monday... every week Ashley or one of her co-partners come up with a topic to write about on your blog.  After I write my post I just link it up on her blog and everyone participating in MMM can read each others post for some extra motivation throughout the week!  So here we go!  This weeks topic is...

How fitness ties into your life. 

I'm not someone who has an exciting weight loss or fitness story, mine is like many others, but regardless it is my story.  

Both of my parents were studs in high school athletics.  Mom played varsity basketball, volleyball and track.  Dad was a stud on the football field and played other sports as well, but football was his thing.  I was fortunate enough to get those genes from them! Growing up they fostered me with the opportunities to play sports in the backyard, on traveling teams, to play in college and even overseas (okay maybe that's where my story differs a little).   

London at night
In high school I played varsity volleyball and basketball all four years.  I played during my high schools peak point and we made many trips to state in both sports.  While in high school I realized I really had a passion for basketball (I loved volleyball too, but there were more opportunities in basketball) and I nourished that passion.  I played traveling basketball and worked my butt off in the gym to get better and better everyday. Eventually that work payed off and I was able to go play college basketball at a D3 school... not only that I started as a freshman and played an important role on the team.  (Please don't think I am full of myself, I usually don't talk like this, but this is my story. My boyfriend didn't even know I was good at basketball until we were dating for like a month since I don't usually toot my own horn- we had a long distance relationship at the time.)   Anyway my experience playing college basketball gave me the opportunity to spend two of my summers (10 days for each trip) playing over seas in London and Australia with some other great college basketball players around the US!  I would never trade anything for my days as an athlete in high school or college, I learned SO much about myself and it molded me into the person I am today.

My boyfriend and I post-game
After I used up all of my college eligibility I needed to find something else to do.  For so long I wanted to run a half marathon, but didn't want to do it by myself.  So last year a girl friend of mine who I met when I went back for my masters asked if I wanted to do one.  Since my first half marathon last May I have been absolutely hooked on running and racing.  My race "resume" is not impressive at all at this point in life, mostly because I don't have the money to get into all the races I want to, but I hope to build that "resume" for many years to come. 

All of my athletic experiences, clearly made me love sports and fitness, so I decided this would be what I would study in college.  I received my bachelors degree in Sport Management in 2009.  After being unsuccessful in finding a job (I know totally not the reason to go back to school, but with our economy it was my best option) for a year I decided to go back to further my education.  I am currently finishing my masters in Human Performance.  Since starting this journey a year and a half ago I have earned my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certificate through the NSCA so I can personal train and work with athletes and other fitness clients.  This just about brings you up to current times in my life.... right now I am an intern at Momentum Sport Fitness, where I will be continuing to work after my internship, and I work part time at the YMCA as well right now.  

As a personal trainer I love finding new ways to challenge myself and my clients.  Working out is a huge part of my life.  My current fitness goals/challenges are:

1. Run a full marathon (spring 2012 or Chicago Marathon in fall 2012)
2. Hold a plank on two stability balls (hands on one, feet on the other) for 1 minutes 
3. Keep a fitness log 

What are your fitness goals/challenges?  What is your fitness story?  I'd love to hear your story in my comments or an email!


  1. dude girl you rock and you can totally toot your own horn...thats freakin awesome! i want to run a half marathon SOOOO bad...i need someone to do it with me tho cause im scared! haha

  2. @AshleyYou should totally do a half, the first one is SOOO rewarding! A couple bloggers and I wanted to meet up and do a race together, not sure which one though. What area of the states are you from?


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