Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is in the Air

Despite the fact that snow is cold, wet, and made driving yesterday pure torture, I tolerate it because of how pretty it can look, especially on the "first" snowfall. 


Yesterday when we were getting hit with lots of snow, I headed out to my sisters to do the only thing that seems right on a cold. blistery day... Bake cookies and drink hot cocoa!

Apparently it is funny to take pictures of Auntie Mac when she falls asleep.  A big thanks to my sister and niece for this shot.

I came home from my sisters to learn that some little elf had been working in our apartment putting a Christmas tree together and hanging lights in our window!  I love being able to turn the lights off in the apartment and sit in the glow of Christmas lights!  Thanks' I mean Santa's elves.

Lights on...

Lights off...
Yes we have an artificial tree... they won't let us have a real one in our apartment :(  I wish so badly we could have one, the smell of pine (even though I'm not huge fan of it) makes it smell like Christmas.

Do you have your Christmas tree up?  House decorated? 

What is your favorite winter activity? 


  1. @Vanessa @ Gourmet RunnerThank you! I was able to catch a few shots before things got yucky and slushy!

  2. i haven't made any christmas cookies yet - i can't wait to start baking!!!

    i'm jealous of your snow - we need some here!

  3. @sarahlearnsThe snow is pretty, but now it won't stop coming down...I'll send some your way!

  4. These are such nice pictures of your first snow! I need to start my holiday baking asap :)

  5. @Tessa @ Amazing AssetI know I have so much more to do! I'm hoping to incorporate some healthier versions of treats this year.


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