Monday, December 19, 2011

Saints Go All the Way

"Saints go all the way, Saints go all the way..." most have probably never heard that song, but I have because I date a complete New Orleans Saints freak!  As you may know, I am a Packer fan (sad they lost, but now they have the monkey off their back) but I am also a Saints fan (thanks to my boyfriend). This weekend him and I went to the Saints-Vikings game up in the cities, since it was just a short little drive from home.

We happened to get some fantastic seats, something we don't do often... so great that we got some really nice shots of some great athletes from both teams!

"Stand up and get crunk"

It was really a great time!  This is the first time I have ever been to a game where I was in the minority, hence me in black and gold surrounded by a sea of purple and yellow... it felt very strange and kind of uncomfortable, since we had some pretty unsportsmanlike things said to us.

Fitness Plan
Monday: 60 min lift, 3 mile run
Tuesday: 5-6 mile run
Wednesday: Boot camp, 45 min cardio
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: 45-60 min lift, 45 min cardio
Saturday: Run or rest
Sunday: Run or rest

I'm not really sure what my schedule will be like on Saturday and Sunday, so not exactly sure what I will do for workouts, but I know one of the days will be a run!

If you're looking for a good burner for the day, here is my lift from today...

MB wall ball (squat throw) 10 x
Heavy bag :45
Vasa pullups 20x
Roller ball 20 yards
Hanging leg raises w/MB between legs 25x
Whippers (heavy ropes) :45
Tread wall 50 feet (about 1:30)

I did this in a "add on" fashion, so it looks a little something like this...

MB wall ball + Heavy bag
MB wall ball + Heavy bag + Vasa pullups
MB wall ball + Heavy bag + Vasa pullups + Roller ball ... etc.

Substitute in any exercises you want, it's a butt kicker! The whole routine, plus a 5 minute warm up took me one hour.


  1. This is a great workout! Tough, but awesome of course :)
    What a fun day at the game! Winning is a bonus too :)

  2. @Sweet and Savory by SarahI hate it when the Packers play the Saints, because I'm so conflicted, even though I root for the Pack lol

  3. @Tessa @ Amazing AssetYeah I've become a fan of the add-on workouts, the first couple times it feels repetitive, but after that it's smooth sailing!


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