Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Grub Club

You guessed it, a new Grub Club means new recipes! This month the recipes were hit or miss, last time we liked pretty much everything, but this month there were some that weren't liked at all....see below for quick reviews of each recipe.  Recipes for this month were...

(From left to right, top to bottom in the picture above; not all recipes have been posted from everyone so I just included the ones we had, if you're really interested in a certain recipe let me know)

Crab Cakes- I really liked these, but not everyone was a huge fan; they have a little zing to them
Avocado-Banana Smoothies- Crowd favorite! I've had it on three other occasions since last week
Garlic Spaghetti Squash- This recipe isn't being posted since no one really like it
Lemon Custard- A delicious, warm treat
Fruit Bars- Grandma called this fruit cake, but I changed it to bars so it didn't scare people off, yummy!
Chewy Chocolate Cookies- I've made these before; infused with extra fiber; from NuNatural cookbook
Hummus- Very good, but after being stored over night it didn't taste the same
Lemon Mousse- Another favorite, refreshing treat
Black Bean Veggie Burgers- Very good, but didn't stick together the greatest
Ham Casserole- Could use some extra flavor added in, sauce made with yogurt
Baked Spinach- Love it!  I needed to put some salt on it, but a very yummy dish

Even the little man liked the avocado-banana smoothie!!

Fitness Plan
Monday- 5 mile run with my running partner, Brita! 
Wednesday- Distance repeats with strength exercises in between (see below)
Thursday- 60 minutes cardio
Friday- Run with Brita 
Saturday- Lift + cardio or easy day
Sunday- Run or day off

Wednesday workout
1 mile run
Push up ladder (over and back)
.75 mile
MB inch worm (5 yards) 
.75 mile 
VASA- 10 swimmers, 10 breast strokes, 10 chin ups
.75 mile
Push-pull-press 10x each
.75 mile
1:00 SB lockout 

40 minutes biking  (easy-moderate)


  1. Great workout!! Those eats look great! The chocolate cookies and lemon mousse sound particularly tasty ;)

  2. the baked spinach sounds so good! love spinach! got your package today! thanks so much :)

  3. @Christina Both are very tasty! Let me know what you think if you make them :)

    @Miranda Sorry it took me forever to get that to you! Enjoy though!


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