Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprise Party Update

Major #fail on my part in documenting my dad's surprise 60th birthday party!  I really did have good intentions of taking pictures, but things got a little crazy when we found out that my dad was planning on getting home 45 minutes earlier than anticipated!  Okay, let's rewind a little...

I arrived at my parent's at 8:30am on Sunday morning... with a soaking wet car! Remember how I said I was in charge of the potatoes? Well, I had to soak the potatoes in salt water overnight to keep them from browning.  When I put them in my car to transport 3 miles to my parent's house I didn't realize the water from the pot was slowly dripping all over my passenger seat!!  I noticed it when I got to my parent's house and totally freaked out!  The water soaked through a blanket I placed under the pot and through my passenger seat to soak the back seat floor area.... yes, a flood occurred in my car.  With temperatures hovering around 25 degrees lately, I didn't know how in the world I was going to get it dry. I told my mom when I got to the house and she get me a wet-dry vac to try to suck up most of the water... most of it was sucked up, but it was still damp.  Oh well, I guess!  I haven't really checked on the situation since it happened because I was so busy all day yesterday, but I'll have to check it out today (hopefully it's not molding or anything).  

Photo from last month
After cleaning up the water in my car, I went in the house and got to work... Making mashed potatoes, broccoli-corn bake, cooked carrots, chocolate chip cookies, apple crisp, and some cleaning were among my duties for the morning.  Needless to say when we found out my dad was coming home earlier than we planned, things got a little hectic! My siblings arrived around 11:30 to help my mom and I out in the final hour before he would arrive. 

Guests were instructed to arrive at 12:30 (the time my dad normally gets done with work) and park across the street (behind the house) in the church parking lot. We were expecting my dad to arrive at the house around 1, so plenty of time for people to walk the block to our house and get settled.  

My dad rolled into the house at 12:30, while we were still slaving over the stove and guests were still arriving... oops! My dad was happy to be able to have members of his family and well as my mom's family around to celebrate his big day with him.  After he said hi to everyone, we asked if he was surprised and he said that he suspected something was up... it's hard to get things by this guy! 

Happy 60th birthday dad!!!

I also have to give a shout out to my boyfriend too... happy day of birth sweetie!  His birthday is the day before my dad's (dad is the 16th, he is the 15th), he doesn't really acknowledge it in January though,  he celebrates it on his half birthday because it is in the summer (no work as a teacher and great weather!). So even though we celebrate it in July, I always have to say "happy day of birth" to him :)  My parent's and his parent's think it's a load of crock that he does it this way so they give him gifts and such in January, but I kind of like that he celebrates in the summer, because then I can focus on my dad in January for his birthday.  Love both of these men so much!


Saturday night while I was chillin' at my place by myself I made some of Kasey's chia jam!  So quick, so easy, and so good!  I made the cranberry version, not my favorite fruit but I had some on hand. Tip: eat it while it's warm, it's so delicious warm!



Monday: Run 4.5 miles
Tuesday: Lift + run 2-3 miles
Wednesday: 60 minutes cardio 
Thursday: Run 3-4 miles + lift
Friday: Lift + cardio
Saturday: Run

For a while now I have been trying to increase my running mileage to 20 miles a week to prepare myself for starting a marathon training plan, but for some reason that is incredibly hard for me!  My past 5 weeks mileage have been: 15, 16.5, 14.75, 14, and 10.  Seriously, why is this so hard for me!  My mileage has increased since I started running with Brita though, so that is a good thing.  Maybe I just need other people to run with me!

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