Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Stop

Short and sweet here this morning...

Grub Club tonight!  Be prepared for some recipes next week :)  Leave me a message with any recipe suggestions you may have, I still need to make something.


I think I found a running buddy!  A fellow trainer got in contact with me wondering if I was interested in running with her.  We got together this morning for our first trot...she's fast, I'm slow, but we made it 4.5 miles together.  I asked her part way through the run if she normally runs that fast, and she said she doesn't really have a pace, she just likes to go out... so she was cool with slowing down a little bit!  She is a young mom, so she doesn't get out to run very much anymore (even though she can still kick my butt!), so she is just ecstatic to get out running regardless of the pace.  We're planning on getting together next week sometime again to go running... I think I can get used to having a running partner and who knows maybe she'll make me faster!

Do you have a workout buddy?
I've never had a regular workout buddy, I generally workout on my own. I'm totally open to a partner though, scheduling is just so much more difficult. 
What are your plans for this weekend?
I don't have much planned for this weekend... I don't work so I might just be lazy and clean my apartment over the weekend, oh and enjoy some football on Sunday :)


  1. Running buddies are awesome! I have been trying my hardest to find someone in Denver to run with!

  2. @Em I know, why does it seem so hard to find a good running buddy?!

  3. gahhhh, i need a running buddy! i'm glad you found one. :)

  4. @sarah @ sarah learns I'd be your running buddy if we lived closer!


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