Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Four Legged Walking Partner

This morning I met up with my walking partner, Britches. 

My parents have been out of town since Sunday and I am on dog sitting duty, which  means lots of walks and ball throwing for me :)  We'll be hanging out together for one more day before they get back.  

With my parents out of town and me spending a lot more time at their house than I normally do I decided to use my time there wisely, and dry some fruit with their food drier! Bananas, peaches and mandarin oranges! 

Dipped fruit in lemon juice to reduce browning

We used to dry fruit all the time as a family, and I never realized how long drying actually takes... the fruits are going to take 10-24 hours!  I'm going to check on them later tonight and hopefully they'll be done so I have a delicious snack for the rest of the week!

I hit the track after starting up the food dryer for my workout... 10 x 400 m (each lap between 1:35 and 1:45 a piece). 

That's all the excitement I've had for the day folks!  I'll let you know how the fruit turns out tomorrow.  Off to work with a couple clients and read some of your awesome blogs!  


  1. Yes! Fruit takes for-ever to dry out. But there's something really satisfying about doing it yourself, I think. :)

  2. @Nicole, RD Absolutely, I agree! And it's much cheaper :)

  3. Drying fruit sounds awesome! I would never think to dry mandarin oranges--I bet they're amazing. They were my favorite fruit as a kid.

    I was actually looking into Greenbay Marathon, too! That just might be the marathon I need to redeem myself! ;) Hah.

  4. @Holly I've actually never done mandarin oranges either, but they were pretty yummy, just took forever!

    You should totally do the GB! Jeri from JerBear Shares is going to do it as well! We should just try to turn it into a blogger race :)


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